October 3, 2023

Feeling | Correcting America’s Health Treatment Procedure

To the Editor:

Re “How Do We Repair the Scandal That Is American Overall health Care?,” by Nicholas Kristof, with images by September Dawn Bottoms (column, Aug. 20):

Nicholas Kristof scratches the area of the failures of the health and fitness treatment program in this state. I have been in apply for 28 a long time as a cardiologist and internist and have observed firsthand the miraculous breakthroughs in cardiac treatment as effectively as the appalling degree of treatment regular in treatment of chronic diseases, specifically amid minority populations.

Most care in this country is sent by substantial for-profit and nonprofit entities (which purpose mostly as for-financial gain entities but steer clear of taxes). These systems are incentivized to commit in superior-finish tertiary care, usually cardiac, orthopedic, neurosurgical and oncologic care, as they have the best reimbursement.

Persistent care for disorders this sort of as being overweight, diabetes and large blood stress are not captivating spots of medicine and for the most part give lower compensation from Medicare, Medicaid and business payers.

Our wellness treatment method desires to incentivize main care and force nonprofit entities to allocate bigger portions of their budgets to key care or get rid of their nonprofit position.

Daniel Zanger

To the Editor:

Nicholas Kristof has composed a cogent and damning column. One particular piece of the overall health care disaster we should also handle is health practitioner training and remuneration.

New doctors have delayed earning potential in buy to go to medical college and have endured at least three a long time of paltry pay out and exceptionally demanding schedules as healthcare interns and people. By the time they are capable to observe medication right after at the very least 7 a long time of put up-college or university coaching, they are not likely to set up apply in rural locations with the most affordable shell out, fewest colleagues for guidance, qualified isolation and limited call coverage. They are also fewer probable to observe in pediatrics or relatives medication than in a clinical specialty.

Certainly, no a person can blame them for seeking to operate in a location conducive to comfortably repaying university student loans as properly as paying for malpractice insurance coverage.

Brilliant, hardworking youthful individuals can find myriad other fields of get the job done and skip the worry that is fashionable U.S. medicine.

If we are critical about improving upon health and fitness results and decreasing toddler mortality, melancholy and skyrocketing charges of diabetic issues and other diseases, then we require to wholly revamp physician schooling.

Nurses, medical professionals and clinic staff are heroes. Let us handle them as these. Pay out for their schooling, and incentivize do the job in underserved and significant-chance locales.

Susan Balogh

To the Editor:

Only last month the Office of Well being and Human Companies observed that some of the country’s greatest for-income insurance coverage providers, which alongside one another regulate Medicaid courses that address the the greater part of the 87 million individuals on Medicaid, denied far more than a person of each individual four requests for doctor-ordered remedies or medicines for people enrolled in their Medicaid plans.

Medicaid serves several who are living with the shortcomings that typically lead to increased rates of diabetic issues and other long-term health problems for which timely and regular care is important to greater results. Providing the expert services that doctors prescribe for these patients would go a extended way to correcting the scandal described by Mr. Kristof.

Ted Herman
Providence, R.I.
The author is a previous overall health coverage executive.

To the Editor:

Re “This Indictment Does Something Ingenious,” by Norman Eisen and Amy Lee Copeland (View guest essay, Aug. 16): The Georgia indictment may possibly be ingenious, but the truth continues to be that Donald Trump won Ga in 2016 and missed by a whisker winning once more in 2020. So there is an overpowering likelihood that some of his foundation of supporters will be on his jury and will not vote for his conviction no matter the toughness of the evidence.

Harold J. Smith
White Plains, N.Y.

To the Editor:

There are many reputable things to get into account in identifying when any felony demo might start, but just one factor not to get into account is the defendant’s position. At the minute, Donald Trump is hunting for a task (president) and in essence interviewing to get the task (campaigning).

So let’s hope that the just one component that none of the judges contemplate in setting Mr. Trump’s trial day is his “interviewing plan.”

The judges might take into account that at the very least some of Mr. Trump’s possible “employers” could want to know before selecting him irrespective of whether or not he is a felon and established to spend many a long time in jail.

Eugene D. Cohen

To the Editor:

Re “Why Barbie and Ken Want Each individual Other,” by Ross Douthat (column, nytimes.com, Aug. 9):

As a young lady, I agree with Mr. Douthat that “Barbie” incorporates some authentic, not-talked-about ambivalence regarding what female empowerment really usually means.

However, the main failing of “Barbie” is not, as he indicates, its failure to unite Barbie and Ken romantically, but a failure to envision a earth in which persons of all genders can productively lead together. Mr. Douthat’s insinuation that romance and reproduction ought to be the basis of any sort of effective union concerning adult men and women is archaic and troubling.

This currently being mentioned, the assertion of the “Barbie” movie that Ken is “superfluous” is also regarding. It is not, of study course, that ladies have a need to have for guys, but that humanity needs all of its members’ collaboration to reach its highest potential. And but, at the stop of the motion picture, when Ken is relegated to a position equivalent to that of women in the authentic planet (go through: oppressed), any hope for a entire world in which people — or dolls — of all genders can stay fulfilled, empowered life remains elusive.

Mary Elliot
Lenox, Mass.

To the Editor:

Certainly, there is evidence that married people are inclined to be happier than the unmarried. But that mostly applies to persons who are happily married. Unhappily married persons are not only less pleased than the happily married, but also much less satisfied than those who are divorced, and considerably less healthful than people who are solitary, divorced or widowed.

There are some crucial things that suggest Barbie and Ken’s union may not be a satisfied one particular. Barbie hardly ever expressed any desire in a connection with Ken or with any person else. As Barbie was staying ushered into a black S.U.V. and taken to the Mattel headquarters, Ken superior-tailed it back to Barbieland solo. Even though there, as Gloria (performed by America Ferrera) so clearly summarized, he took Barbie’s home, he brainwashed her friends, and he tried to manage the federal government.

No a person requires 40 years of Typical Social Survey details to know that they would be depressing. Prevent hoping to encourage women that the important to their joy is committing to emotionally weakened gentlemen versus their self-desire and better judgment.

Theresa Hastert
Ann Arbor, Mich.