September 30, 2023

5 Easy And Healthy Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Expert reveals some healthy lifestyle changes that one should adopt to avoid high cholesterol problems and prevent heart diseases.

High Cholesterol: 5 Easy And Healthy Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Most of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your liver. The rest comes from foods you eat, to produce hormones, vitamin D, and chemicals that aid in food digestion, your body requires cholesterol. Your body produces all the necessary cholesterol. It travels in your blood bundled up in packets called lipoproteins. High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Although medications can help improve your cholesterol, certain lifestyle changes can also help you reduce bad cholesterol.

 5 Easy And Healthy Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

1.Eat heart-healthy foods

  • Reduce saturated fats: Found primarily in red meat and full-fat dairy products
  • Eliminate trans fats: Trans fats, sometimes listed on food labels as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil,” is often used in margarine and store-bought cookies
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: Foods with omega-3 fatty acids include A2 cow ghee, salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds.
  • Increase soluble fibre: Soluble fibers can reduce the absorption of cholesterol into your bloodstream.

2. Exercise Regularly
Exercise on most days of the week and increase your physical activity as it helps in improving your cholesterol.

3. Quit smoking
Smoking lowers HDL cholesterol as by quitting, smokers can lower their LDL cholesterol and increase their HDL cholesterol levels. It can also help protect their arteries.

 4. Maintaining a healthy body weight
Being overweight or obese tends to raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. But a weight loss of as little as 5% to 10% can help improve cholesterol numbers.

5.  Drink alcohol only in moderation
If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. For healthy adults, that means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men aged 65 and younger. Too much alcohol can lead to serious health problems.

(Inputs: Nutritionist, Lovneet Batra)

Published Date: February 13, 2023 3:28 PM IST

Updated Date: February 13, 2023 3:34 PM IST